Terms & Conditions

*The minimum rental period for cruise ship clients is four (4) hours.

AGE LIMITS: The minimum age limit for all our rental cars is 21 years of age whereas the maximum age limit for all our rental cars is 80 years of age.

DRIVER’S LICENSE: All the potential drivers must hold a valid driving license that has been issued at least two years before the actual car rental starts and is valid in Greece. Driving licenses that have been issued by a non E.U. member country (excluding Switzerland), have to be accompanied with an international driver’s permit.*

K&G RENT A CAR withheld the right to cancel a car rental booking if no or not the appropriate driving license(s) is/are shown on the first day of rental without being liable for any kind of compensation to the renter.

 Minimum rental period:

Minimum rental period for internet bookings is three (3) days. For over two (2) hours in excess, the renter is charged with an additional daily rate.

BABY/BOOSTER SEATS: Two types of baby/booster seats are available for children between ten months and three years at an additional daily fee of 3.00 Euro. Due to responsibility issues, baby/booster seats have to be fitted in the rental car by the renter.

DEPOSIT: For safety reasons, the main driver (or any other driver stated on the rental contract) will have to present a valid credit/debit card (Visa or Mastercard) upon collection of his/her rental car, from which a pre-authorization equal to the excess amount of the insurance cover provided will be processed.

Failure to present a credit card may result in the cancellation of the reservation on behalf of K&G Rent a car without the company being liable to any form of reimbursement to the client(the advance deposit will be withheld.


The Renter is obliged to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it had when collected. In the case of returning the vehicle with less fuel, the renter will be charged with the fuel difference. No refunds are issued for vehicles returned with more fuel than when collected.

 Traffic fines:

Tickets and attached administrative sanctions resulting from
any violation of the Greek Traffic Law during the rental period are solely the renter’s

 Additional driver charge:

The First Additional Driver is Free of Charge. Second additional driver is charged  3€/day

 Mileage restrictions:

K&G offer “Free mileage” from the first day! No mileage restrictions!

 Across the Border rentals:

An advance written authorization from “K&G” is required.

 Ferrying the car:

An advance written authorization from ” K&G “, is required

Delivery /Collection:

Free at the airport, at “K&G” offices(within office hours 09.00 to 20.00)and in radius of  15 km around them .For deliveries/collections in longer distances (or for out of office hours) the extra cost will be shown at the  price analysis of your booking.

 Road maps:

“K&G” provides a detailed Road map of Kefalonia, Free of charge.


 Payment methods:

“K&G” accept payments either in cash (€) or by credit card(Visa or Mastercard).Debit cards are only acceptable when transactions take place in our offices or after an in advance request.The estimated total cost of the car hire is payable at the beggining of the rental.


All bookings and reservations are made by car Group and not by car model . “K&G” reserves the right to change car model to an equivalent model or to upgrade model  in exceptional cases.


Rates include the following covers:

  • For death or injury to third parties up to 1.000.000 Euro per victim.
  • For material damages to third parties up to 1.000.000 Euro per accident, excluding K&G RENT A CAR vehicles.
  • Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.): The renter is responsible for any kind of damage (due of the renter’s fault) to the rental car up to:
    • The maximum amount of 500.00 Euro for car categories A, B and C.
    • The maximum amount of 700.00 Euro for car categories D, E, F, F1 and G.
    • The maximum amount of 1200.00 Euro for car categories H and I.
  • Full fire & theft Insurance.
  • 24 hours breakdown assistance on the islands of Kefalonia & Ithaca.

*K&G RENT A CAR does not provide a full insurance waiver with a zero excess for any of its rental cars.


The insurance provided is not valid and the renter is responsible for all the amount of damages caused when:

  • The renter is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The rental car is driven on non-paved roads (4X4 vehicles are excluded).
  • The rental car is driven with a flat tyre.
  • The renter participates in extemporary car races or drives recklessly.
  • The renter violates the Greek traffic law.
  • The renter uses fuel different to the one recommended by the manufacturer of the rental car.
  • The rental car is driven by a non authorized person (not stated on the rental contract).
  • The renter does not return the rental car on the date and time stated on the car hire contract.

Additional Explanations:

  • All insurances are valid only on the islands of Kefalonia and Ithaca.
  • All traffic fines are paid for by the renter.
  • Damages to the tires of the rental vehicle are paid for by the renter.
  • Damaged or lost car key is paid for by the renter.
  • The fuel is paid for by the renter.
  • Excessive dirt (sand or stains from sun cream or salt water in the interior of the rental car) or damages to the interior of the rental car are due to be paid for by the renter.
  • Bookings are made by car category and not by car type/model.


Price includes:

  • Third Party Liability
  • Theft waiver with zero excess
  • Free map of Kefalonia
  • Fast track airport delivery/collection
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Airport fees
  • All local taxes and VAT


Refund Policy:

The company policy is not accepted refund.